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for Marine Affairs 

Southern Gulf Islands
British Columbia

Purpose of the Centre:

  • Integrate the approach of 'Preserve and Protect' into the management of marine and coastal environments of the Southern Gulf Islands and the Salish Sea. 
  • Bring problems and solutions into sharper focus for evidence-based and constructive solutions with positive outcomes. 
  • Initiate, support, and publish research pertinent to the management of marine and coastal environments.
  • Develop and publish novel policy alternatives and reviews of existing marine affairs policies, practices, laws, and regulations.
  • Raise awareness and engage the public with regard to coastal management, protection, and opportunities for green solutions.
  • Collaborate with networks of partners in executing these purposes, including businesses, governments, First Nations, academic institutions, societies, associations, and community groups. 

The Centre is a new and emerging organization.
Please visit us soon again for more information and the release of new reports.

Marine Affairs:  
Interdisciplinary Approach to the

Management of Oceans and Coastlines,
Including the Coordination between Multiple Jurisdictions.